DOOMBLENDERCAVE is a co-operative 4 player dungeon crawler, where players proceed through a randomly generated dungeon.

Controls are similar to that of a top-down twin-stick shooter, with inspirtation drawn from Diablo and Gaunlet.

Use 4 unique classes to devastate your enemies and level up before the timer runs out.

Time is ticking. Every time you die, a minute is knocked off your time. When time is up, you are warped to the boss room.

Fight 'Getal Mear', a terrifying war machine armed to the teeth as the final boss.

Xbox Controllers required to play.

Team Member Role
Michael Long Programming & Enemies
William Selby Art
Dustin Walker Programming & Sound
Mitchell Craig Programming & Heroes

Created for the Game Mechanics course (Cmpt 306.3) course at the University of Saskatchewan

Received an A grade for this project

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